First of all, I’m a reader, and this blog is only about:

  1. LitRPG / gamelit / video game themed stories.  If I post it here, it must be game-related.
  2. The books and stories that I, personally, have read and liked.

I take suggestions, but I don’t do paid reviews.  I also don’t post negative reviews.  What’s the point?

I was a nerdy kid and started off reading dog-eared Dragonlance paperbacks from my local library.  I also play many video games when I get the time, a lot of turn-based stuff like Pillars of Eternity and such… I’m sure you know the type because if you’re reading this, you’re probably the same type.

LitRPG is satisfying because I always wished I could ‘play along’ more with the characters in a fantasy book.  Now, I can.

Though my favorite setting is traditional medieval-type fantasy with its dragons, swords, and looty dungeons, I like any setting as long as it’s done properly.

What I find great about this genre is that it’s still open to amateurs who aren’t ‘pro writers.’  I don’t care much about pro anything. My goal is to highlight the books that I find entertaining and hope that it helps others find what they’re looking for.

  • Bob Kraken

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